Break and Removal

Lombardo has built its reputation by providing superior quality work and offering a comprehensive suite of services. One of the most important services is the cleanup and removal of concrete. We know the leaving debris or slurry means more work for you and your other contractors, and that is why we strive to leave a job site at least as clean as when we arrived. Lombardo has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to help in the removal and cleanup of concrete.

Break and Removal

Hand demolition is typically utilized when a Flat saw, Wall saw or equipment can’t be used for concrete or dirt removal. Hand Demolition consists of Chipping guns, Jack Hammers, Hand Saws or picks and shovels. Typically a trench will be cut for a Plumber or Electrician. Once the trench is cut, our Hand Demo crew will come in to remove the trench. Other projects can be a removal of a partial roofs or curb and gutters.

Key Benefits

  • After cutting concrete, there is almost always a need to haul it away. Many slabs are too big and heavy to be moved by untrained individuals. Lombardo has the operators and equipment necessary to break and remove all concrete.
  • Lombardo has the ability to break and remove concrete from any place we can cut.
  • Core drilling (like slab sawing) keeps the structural integrity of surrounding areas intact.
  • All removal methods are designed to preserve the required cleanliness specified by the quote.
  • Lombardo has the ability to vacuum slurry which adheres to strict local environmental standards.


Lombardo employs CSDA certified operators who specialize in slab sawing. All of our vehicles are dispatched so that we can provide the timeliest service possible.

Lombardo has over 35 core drills ready for dispatch. We can drill from ½” to 60” diameter and have resources available to drill larger holes if needed. Lombardo owns electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills for all possible scenarios. For the last 55 years, Lombardo has set the standard for core drilling.