Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is a high production method of drilling any type of concrete, rock, stone, or asphalt.

This method is fast, efficient, and structurally safe to surrounding areas.

Core drilling leaves a clean, straight finished opening, even when cutting through reinforced bars.

When finished, the hole is ready for the next phase of the operation.

Key Benefits

  • Core drilling is the cleanest, most economical way to penetrate a concrete wall, slab or footing with a round hole.
  • Core drilling allows contractors flexibility and a solution to potential problems. It is very often more cost effective then sleeving.
  • Core drilling (like slab sawing) keeps the structural integrity of surrounding areas intact.
  • Core drilling can be done at any depth and through virtually and hard material.
  • Very effective in limited spaces.
  • Machines can be remotely operated.


Lombardo employs CSDA certified operators who specialize in slab sawing. All of our vehicles are dispatched so that we can provide the timeliest service possible.

Lombardo has over 35 core drills ready for dispatch. We can drill from ½” to 60” diameter and have resources available to drill larger holes if needed. Lombardo owns electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills for all possible scenarios. For the last 55 years, Lombardo has set the standard for core drilling.