Wire Sawing

The technique of cutting concrete with wire cable originated in rock quarries to extract huge pieces of stone. Recently, this technique was adopted in the concrete cutting industry. It was ideal for cutting heavily reinforced large or odd shaped concrete structures.

Key Benefits

  • Very fast.
  • Primarily for cutting large or awkward structures.
  • Causes no vibration or damage to remaining structure.
  • Quieter than conventional method.
  • Very effective in limited spaces.
  • Machines can be remotely operated.


Lombardo employs CSDA certified operators who specialize in slab sawing. All of our vehicles are dispatched so that we can provide the timeliest service possible.

Lombardo has the saws, wires, and vehicles needed to cut and remove any concrete structure. Our saws are able to cut any depth and at any angel. We have the equipment necessary to lift and remove large or odd-shaped concrete structures.