Diesel & Electric Sawing

Flat and slab sawing is the term given to the process of sawing on flat or horizontal surfaces such as slabs on grade, suspended slabs, bridge deck highways, and asphalt pavement.

Safety Standards

Lombardo is part of the Common Ground Alliance safety program.  This certification is a first-of-its kind excavation safety program designed to reduce dig-ins and protect underground gas and electric system.

Safety is a high priority for Lombardo and PG&E. Receiving the Common Ground Alliance Certification ensures that Lombardo adheres to the safest excavation standards set by PG&E.

Key Benefits

Slab sawing is the fastest most cost effective way to cut concrete slabs, walks, bridge decks, and roadways.
Slab sawing cuts (depending on the skill level of the operator) could be extremely precise- Lombardo has the best operators in the business.
Slab sawing allows you to keep the structural integrity of surrounding areas intact.
Slab sawing is extremely useful in speeding up the removal process.
Our saws range from 12 horse power to 80 horse power and are powered either by diesel or electric motor.



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