Provided Full Range of
Construction Services

Lombardo Diamond Core Drilling Co, Inc. provides a full range of construction services. 

Lombardo specializes in Core Drilling, Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing, Wire Sawing, Robotic Concrete Demolition, Concrete Removal, Excavation, and GPR Scanning.

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Our Mission

We strive to conduct our business in a safe and professional manner and to be recognized for our good business practices and ethical policies. We must provide the highest quality concrete sawing,drilling and related services to the construction industry. By doing so, we will expand our position in the marketplace and be the leading source of quality service, clearly seen as the innovative leader.

About the Founder

Lombardo has served the construction industry since 1961. We service the largest General Contractors, Sub-Contractors and Specialty Contractors. We are recognized in the Bay Area as the leading provider of high quality, innovative concrete cutting services, and consider no job too small.

Over the years, Lombardo has developed countless job specific cutting applications.

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Our Accomplishments

Commitment to Service

Lombardo strives to provide the highest level of customer service. We employ competent professionals who understand our business and promote a positive attitude. Lombardo knows that customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are key components to customer service,and we encourage feedback for our continued improvement and growth within the industry. We strive to provide professional and courteous service and expect to receive the same respect and service that we provide.

Since 1961, our operators have been delivering the services you need – fast, on time and safely. Our team will provide you with high quality service, reliable and responsive performance, there is no need to look anywhere else for all your deep cut demolition needs.

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Safety Standards

At Lombardo Diamond Core Drilling Company Incorporated, safety is our top priority.  We are committed to fostering a culture of safety that permeates every aspect of our operations.  Our culture-based safety program is designed to ensure the well-being of our employees, clients, and the communities we serve while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in concrete cutting and drilling. 

Safety First, Always

We firmly believe that every task, no matter how routine or challenging, can be completed safely. We prioritize safety above all else and empower every team member to take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.

Leadership and

Our leadership team is fully committed to leading by example. They demonstrate their unwavering dedication to safety through visible actions, open communication, and providing the necessary resources to maintain a safe work environment.

Comprehensive Training
and Skill Development

We invest in comprehensive safety training for all employees. Through ongoing skill development and continuous education, our team members stay abreast of the latest safety practices, equipment handling techniques, and risk assessment methodologies.

Hazard Identification and
Risk Mitigation

We conduct thorough risk assessments for every project, ensuring that potential hazards are identified and addressed proactively. We employ job safety analysis (JHA) to develop safe work procedures and share this knowledge with our teams.

Communication and
Employee Involvement

Our safety program thrives on open communication. We encourage all team members to actively participate in safety discussions, report potential hazards, and provide feedback to continuously improve our safety practices.

Personal Protective
Equipment (PPE)

We enforce strict adherence to PPE requirements, ensuring that all employees are equipped with appropriate safety gear for their specific tasks.

Continuous Improvement
and Learning

Safety is a journey of continuous improvement. We analyze incidents, near-misses, and safety performance data regularly to identify areas for enhancement. Through lessons learned, we drive positive change and prevent future incidents.

Recognizing and
Celebrating Safety

We value and recognize the commitment of our team members to safety excellence. Our safety program includes recognition and incentives to celebrate individuals and teams that embody a safety-first mindset.

Compliance and Beyond

We not only comply with all safety regulations and legal requirements but strive to exceed them. Our goal is to set the standard for safety in the concrete cutting and drilling industry.

Client and Community

We not only comply with all safety regulations and legal requirements but strive to exceed them. Our goal is to set the standard for safety in the concrete cutting and drilling industry.


By integrating safety into the fabric of our organization, we ensure that every person who interacts with Lombardo Diamond Core Drilling Company Incorporated does so with confidence in our unwavering dedication to safety. Together, we build a secure, responsible, and sustainable future for our workforce and the industries we serve.