Scope of Work

General Contractor: South Bay Construction

Subcontractor: Buccaneer Demolition

Location: 280 Bernardo Ave, Mountain View CA, 94043

Project Scope: Sawing

Project consisted of a 105,830 square foot single-storey structural upgrade.

Lombardo Diamond Core Drilling Company provided isolation sawing at the 13) EA existing 13’ lineal foot x 18” thick concrete cantilever spandrel sections along the existing roof. We then provided 6” diameter core drilled picking holes through the 7,100 lbs sections.

The demolition contractor hoisted and removed with their track excavator’s typical throughout the demolition process. Lombardo also provided approximately 600’ lineal feet of wall sawing to create the new proposed concrete wall opening enlargements along the exterior perimeter of the building as per the structural upgrades.